Printing remains one of the MOST environmentally friendly industries . . .

FSC Accredited

Recycling, and care for the environment, seems to have fallen off the radar in recent times. But the Printing and Paper Trade remains one of the most environmentally friendly, and continually evolving, of all the manufacturing sectors across Europe.

Click on the dragonfly to the left to take a walk through the forest to find out why!!!

At momentoprint we are committed to use paper milled from recycled pulp and sustainable forests. And all of our paper suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) accredited.

Some facts you may not know:

• Almost all of our paper now uses recycled pulp or is from FSC accredited Paper Mills. AND, of course, we stock and sell 100% recycled A4 Copy Paper.

• Virtually all of the virgin fibre used is certified to a sustainable forestry management system. This means the timber is harvested as a crop and is managed by replanting programmes which exceed
the quantity of felled trees.

• Our printing Inks are vegetable-based and our printing plates are recycled.

• 90% of electricity on mill sites is generated through combined heat and power.

• All of our paper mills are certified to an environmental management system.

• Over 90% of the United Kingdom’s paper comes from European Forests.

• Since the 1950s, forests in Western Europe have increased by 30%.

• Forests now cover over 40% of the European Unions landmass, and are
growing at the rate of four times the size of Greater London every year.

• The Forestry Industry is the EU’s biggest producer of renewable energy.

You can learn more facts about the Paper and Printing sectors commitment to the environment from an excellent presentation from UPM one of the world’s leading forestry organisations >here<. Walk-through one of their forests and watch sustainable forestry management in action . . .

If you are SERIOUS about wanting to learn more about Forestry Management this video feature is a must see !!! And don’t forget to turn-up the volume!!

Not only does it feature some stunning photography of some of the inhabitants of the forest, but it explains the principals, the technology and the practice of Forestry Management and Regeneration.

Learn about: Forestry Planning, Harvesting, Regeneration, Respacing, Thinning, Transport and Tagging. It is, quite simply a must see !!!

PLUS – Learn more about the LATEST Facts and Figures on the Printing and Paper Industry’s impact, and interaction, with the Environment at: :

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