When an “auto-response” email is NOT an auto-response email !!!

With so many of our printing orders . . . and requests for printing estimates . . . now coming to us via email and our “Request a Print Quote” page, you might think our “Message Received” response emails are automatically generated.

But this is NOT the case. In fact we endeavour to open and read every email order, or printing estimate request from our “Request a Print Quote” page as quickly as we can possibly get to it.

AND, in order to treat every email EQUALLY with the same level of attention and FAIRNESS, we work through all our incoming email messages STRICTLY in the order in which they arrive in our in-box. (We receive upwards of 100 email enquiries every day . . . and often twice that amount).

Of course, some orders or enquiries require more time to attend to than others . . . and we will always try to prioritise messages into the most practical, and sensible, schedule that we can. But ONLY after they have been worked through in their order of receipt. We are sure you will agree that this is the fairest method for everybody concerned, and that you would want your own enquiry to be dealt with in this manner.

So that is why our . . . :

“Thank you for your message. We will process your requirements, and any attachments, as soon as is possible and will respond by email, or telephone, at that time.”

. . . is most certainly NOT an “automated response” message. It means that human eyes have actually opened your email and . . . “will respond by email, or telephone as soon as is possible”.

Should you not have heard from us within 75 minutes of sending your email, or Estimate Request Form, then certainly do feel free to telephone us directly just to satisfy yourself that your email has been sent to our correct address, or that it has not been quarantined by our virus filters.

And should you wish to send us an attachment that is over 5Mb in size, we would ALWAYS recommend that you visit our “Emailing Large Files” page for a direct link to our file upload function . . . just to ensure your attachment successfully reaches our in-box.

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