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William Caslon (1692-23rd January, 1766)

WilliamCaslonTypeFounderIn today’s era of default-computer type display, clip-art cartoon graphics, and innumerable printed leaflets and documents in Comic Sans (!!!) . . . the power, clarity, and beauty, of the printed word often seems forgotten or overlooked.

William Caslon (1692 – January 23, 1766) was a man for whom that “power and clarity” was of the utmost importance. Originally a tool cutter and engraver of gun barrels and locks, he began designing typefaces for London printers as an additional part of his business and quickly became the most popular, and influential, typeface designer of the day.

He set-up the Caslon Foundry in the early 1720’s which became the leading English type-foundry of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

His typefaces were soon being used for many of the most important printed works of the time throughout England and Europe and quickly spread across continents throughout the world with amazing speed and popularity. It was his Caslon face that was used for the first printed version of the United States Declaration of Independence.

In the 1900’s playwrights such as George Bernard Shaw insisted that all their books be printed only in Caslon.

Caslon’s designs were inspirational to many more contemporary, and arguably more well-known type designers such as John Baskerville. And even now, almost 300 years later, the Caslon family of typefaces remains the type of choice amongst the most respected graphic designers and newspaper, magazine and book publishers.

It is without question that each of us has read thousands of words in a Caslon typeface . . . probably (and sadly) without even knowing . . . but hopefully, it will also be without question that we will all continue to read something, somewhere, somehow in Caslon.


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