Type Tips at Momento Print

Type Tips at Momento PrintChoosing the correct typeface for your latest marketing campaign can be almost as important as the wording itself.

An unattractive, cluttered, and unnecessary mix of styles and colours, will instantly discourage the reader, rather than making them want to read and digest the content further.

Use different fonts sparingly. It is better to use occasional capital letters, bold or italic statements for emphasis, rather than adding a different typeface to the mix. As a general rule of thumb, try not to use more than Two or Three (at most) different fonts within one project.

Sans Serif fonts are best for conveying Bold or Urgent Announcements . . . Serif and Swash fonts convey a gentler and calmer message for Invitations, or more personal or individualised services.

If you have any specific questions about Typefaces or Design for your next project, just ask at: www.momentoprint.com


About londonprinters

Printers in North London is the on-line service of Momento Print Ltd. Momento Print has been operating from the same Crouch End premises in North London for over 30 years. We specialise in short-run Printing, Copying and Duplicating offering the most cost-effective and practical solutions to all your printing and marketing requirements.

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