Paper Cuts No. Two

Paper and Recycling

At momentoprint we routinely re-use waste-paper from all of our internal printing and copying processes for trimming, packing and packaging.

A recent report from the CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) shows that the paper industry is one of the most recycling conscious sectors in European industry today.

Over 7 million tonnes of the 12 million tonnes printed in the UK each year is recycled back into printed stock.

Over 90% of the United Kingdom’s paper comes from European Forests.

Forests now cover over 40% of the European Unions landmass, and are  growing at the rate of four times the size of Greater London every year.

Illegal forestry logging has fallen between 50-75% in the Brazilian Amazon, Cameroon and Indonesia over the last decade. (Source: The independent thinktank Chatham House).

According to the CEPI, 93% of European consumers say that manufacturers should produce more paper-based packaging and labels. Nine out of ten shoppers prefer to choose products packed in paper rather than other materials.

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